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2021. The year is flying by. We started 2021 still under the grip of the Covid 19 pandemic and now as we head into July things seem to be getting back to normal—at least closer to normal. Early pandemic restrictions imposed by the Governor are now lifted on both businesses and personal life. Since March of last year the ADM has worked tirelessly to keep dealer businesses open and operating. Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

March of 2021 saw a new record in Michigan. A good record for retail vehicle sales. Sales Tax collections on motor vehicle sales reached an all-time historical high for one month in Michigan—129 million dollars of sales tax collections in just one month. April and May were also near record sales tax collection numbers for the state—each month reaching over 100 million dollars in money for the state coffers.

On the legislative front the ADM, LLC continues to monitor a number of bills directly impacting new motor vehicle dealers and their businesses. Over 200 bills have already been introduced in the 2021 legislative session. About 20 of those bills have a direct impact on dealers or dealer businesses. Bills have been introduced creating a two year registration for Michigan drivers. Bills impacting vehicle financing and DIFS oversight are also being considered at the Capitol.

In addition, legislation has recently passed out of the House Tax Policy Committee with bipartisan support exempting manufacturer rebates on new vehicles from the state’s sales tax. Representative John Damoose has been championing this tax cut for automobile buying customers. ADM has worked for and supported this important tax relief for automobile consumers.

Recently the Secretary of State has come under fire for moving to an “appointment” only system in the branch offices, not allowing walk in businesses in branches. The ADM will continue to monitor legislation which may impact dealer interactions with the Secretary of State. Legislation has already been introduced to “force” the Secretary of State to accept walk-in business. Legislation has also been discussed to allow dealers to do more SOS “business” in dealerships.


Small, start-up Electric Vehicle makers continue to make the rounds in Lansing and around the State Capitol. Recently the start-up EV maker Rivian displayed one of their vehicles at the Capitol this spring. Legislation has been introduced in about a dozen states this year allowing these “start-ups” to sell vehicles directly to customers outside the regulation of state franchise laws. To date there has been no bill introduced in Michigan. However, language and draft bills have been discussed and circulated. The ADM, LLC will continue to support and protect the dealer franchise system in Michigan.

A STRONG AND HEALTHY DADPAC is more important than ever. In 2022, Governor Whitmer, Secretary of State Benson, Attorney General Nessel and the entire House and Senate in Michigan will be up for election. Your support of and for DADPAC is critical. Please continue to support DADPAC so we can support candidates who support dealers. If you have not done so in the past—now is the time to start. If you have been a strong supporter—thank you—but consider doing a little more this year.

THE FIGHT FOR YOUR BUSINEES NEVER ENDS IN LANSING. The ADM LLC with the support of DADPAC remains your voice and your strength in Lansing.

If you have questions or comments about particular candidates or issues, please contact Kurt Berryman, Legislative Director of the ADM, LLC, via email: [email protected] or phone: 517.492.2886.

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