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2020 – Extraordinary times call for extraordinary support of DADPAC

“This may be the most important DADPAC contribution you have made as a dealer.” – Joe Lunghamer, 2020 DADA President

2020. What can we say about this year that has not already been said?

Beginning in March our dealer businesses have faced historical obstacles and challenges as we struggled to remain open. Events no one saw coming.

From day one, our legislative arm in Lansing worked with the Governor, legislators and other policy makers to see our dealership businesses were deemed essential and remained open. From the very first Executive Order until today we have been open in some capacity. First, for repairs and service, then for sales to essential workers. Internet and remote sales and vehicle deliveries were then allowed followed by appointment only showroom sales at the dealership. Finally in June our showrooms were allowed to fully open with some safety restrictions.

These steps would not have taken place without a united dealer voice in Lansing. A voice to provide information to decision makers on the critical and essential nature of our dealerships. Our voice at the table. A voice supported by DADPAC.

While many, many other businesses were completely closed during these times—we were allowed to advocate and prove our ability for dealers to provide a critical and essential service – motor vehicle sales and service – safely and effectively.

However, our work is not done. There could be a reversion back to business restrictions and business closures. Moreover, the negative economic impact on the state budget from the last few months could result in tax increases and burdensome regulations out of Lansing. We must remain steadfast in our efforts at our Capitol. Steadfast in support of DADPAC.

What else is at stake in 2020?

2020 is an important election year. Not only is there a Presidential election, a U.S. Senate seat is up in Michigan and the entire Michigan House of Representatives is up for election. There are 26 open Michigan House seats this year—seats being vacated by incumbents due to term limits. DADPAC will be participating through contributions and support in most of these elections. Supporting candidates and elected officials who support dealer businesses and issues is the most important work we do in Lansing. This can only be done with a strong DADPAC and your DADPAC contribution is critical to these efforts!

While 2020 has brought unexpected changes and challenges, it has not slowed our efforts to pursue legislation important to dealer businesses. Since May, we had bills signed into law to restore the simple flat fee system when transferring plates and registration from one vehicle to a new vehicle, repealing the complicated value-based system put in place by the Secretary of State. Other important dealer legislation and policy changes are also currently moving through the system. DADPAC allows us to educate legislators and key policy makers on our legislative agenda—issues important to dealer businesses.

THANK YOU. Thank you for your support during these unprecedented times. Thank you for your past support of DADPAC. However, now more than ever we ask that you contribute to DADPAC again today. If you have never contributed, please consider now is the time you add to our voice in Lansing. If you are a regular contributor please consider upping your contribution level in 2020.

TOGETHER. We will get through these tough times. Together our DADPAC contributions form a powerful voice at the State Capitol in Lansing. One dealer benefits most though the power of many. Please return the attached form and add your voice to DADPAC. Today.

If you have questions or comments about particular candidates or issues, please contact Kurt Berryman, Legislative Director of the ADM, LLC, via email: [email protected] or phone: 517.492.2886.


Contributions to DADPAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR TAX ADVISOR.

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If you would like to send your support by mail or email, please download and complete this form. Send to [email protected] or 1900 West Big Beaver Road, Suite 100, Troy, MI  48084, Attention: Lacey Ward.

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